Leadership Team


Troy Kenah

Troy has been an active member of conservation organisations since 2004 and a director of Wildlife Conservation International since 2007. Troy’s professional background is based primarily in the world of computing and management of computing services and quantitative market research. Over the past 35 years he has worked in New Zealand, Australia, Germany and the UK with companies such as Research International (now Kantar), Mitsubishi, MCI WorldCom, OzEmail, NSW Treasury, Geeks2U and various consultancy positions. With more than 10 years experience in statistical analysis of social and marketing research, he has a very good understanding of markets, people and attitudes and how these can be integrated into technology. Troy was born in Hamliton, New Zealand.

Amy Robbins

Amy has a science degree from the University of Waikato, New Zealand Certificate in Captive Wild Animal Management. Through her work she’s developed an understanding of the human-wildlife conflict in forest edge communities and saw how they needed support to raise their standard of living, reduce their environmental impact and reduce their reliance on illegal/harmful activities like poaching. In addition to her full-time work at Auckland Zoo and as a Forest for People Director, Amy founded the Sumatran Ranger Project to help address these issues while providing protection for wildlife outside the government protected Gunung Leuser National Park, where significant human-wildlife conflict occurs. Amy wanted to help provide long term, meaningful employment to passionate people who lacked the opportunity to put their skills and knowledge to use in a paid capacity.

Leif Cocks

World-renowned orangutan expert, Leif Cocks, as a result of his almost 30 year career working in conservation. Leif is a passionate campaigner for conservation and has been the leader of Wildlife Conservation International since its inception.

Leif’s years in the field have earned him respect within the conservation field. He has been a key player in developing conservation plans and influencing positive change for forest protection and survival. 

A small population biologist and curator by trade; Leif has several academic qualifications, including a Masters of Science. He is a seasoned public speaker and has published several papers on orangutans in peer-reviewed journals. Leif is also the author of the books Orangutans and their Battle for Survival (2002) and, Amazon best seller, Orangutans My Cousins, My Friends (2016) and Finding our Humanity (2019).

Amongst many roles, Leif is currently: a Technical Advisor for PT Alam Bukit Tigapuluh (a company leasing and protecting rainforest), Head of International Elephant Project, head of International Tiger Project, Vice President of Orang Utan Republik Foundation and on the Advisory Board for Forest, Nature and Environment of Aceh.

Click here if you want to go on an eco-tour with Leif or visit leifcocks.org or more information on Leif Cocks.

Noeline Holt

Noeline is a recent member of Forests for People. She graduated from Te Herenga Waka/Victoria University with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in English Literature with papers on Social Policy and Maori Studies. Her professional background was based in the not-for-profit sector, mostly in the public health area, in management and executive roles. She is a trustee for New Horizons for Women Trust and a member of Zonta, an international professional women’s group.

Noeline is committed to the preservation and restoration of the rainforest habitat. Her interest extends to the indigenous people, supporting their rights and actions to retain sovereignty over their own lands.