About Us

Forest for People (FFP) was established by founder and world-renowned conservation expert, Leif Cocks, as a result of his 25+ year career working with orangutans and other rainforest fauna, to support the indigenous rainforest communities to live and prosper sustainably within the last remaining viable rainforest ecosystems.

FFP projects not only include direct support to indigenous rainforest communities through projects such as childhood nutrition and education, but also helping the communities develop sustainable forms of agriculture under the rainforest canopy. And further, helping source both markets and fair prices for the commodities produced. Other initiatives include the support for sustainable eco tourism.

FFP works with both ‘hunter gather’ and ‘slash and burn agriculture’ communities. Both practices were sustainable over centuries, until their ancestral lands have been eroded by the conversion into unstable mono cultures, such as palm oil, pulp paper and rubber.

It is our goal to help the transition to new agricultural practices, such as jungle rubber, shade coffee, and vanilla, etc. under the rainforest canopy, so that the communities can live and prosper sustainability within the last variable rainforest ecosystems, along with the natural fauna and flora.


All indigenous rainforest communities live and prosper within sustainable rainforest ecosystems.


To ensure rainforest communities prosper in harmony with the flora and fauna.

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